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Most would not think what she has done for her daughter any kindness at all. But there is so much they do not understand about what she does. So much they have never understood about the things she does.

She would have preferred, this time, to do things another way. But there had been no time for explanations. The threat had been too real, too sudden, and too damn close.

She finds the picture on her kitchen table. It is a small, grainy photograph taken with an old Polaroid camera, but its subject is very clear; Sydney, seated on her couch, holding a baby blanket. At the edge of the frame is a blurred bit of blonde hair and another woman's shoulder; Rachel Gibson.

Irina had planned to leave this place tomorrow. She knows now that she cannot stay even that long.

She has heard hints before, whispers that certain of Rambaldi's followers were very interested in Sydney and her baby, but this is different. This is not some vague rumor, no hint that danger might be coming for Irina's daughter and grandchild. This is clear evidence that danger has come, that it is on the doorstep.

There is no time now for words or explanations, no time for anything but action. She knows who is behind this, and because she knows, all she can do is move. She takes help where she can find it, gathers assistance from those she's not foolish enough to think allies by any means necessary- threats, blackmail, violence. It disgusts her to have to rely, even temporarily, on the likes of Kelly Peyton and the others of the Shed, but they are all she has to work with, and she has no time to gather associates she can trust.

She did not want to do this. She did not want to send people to take her daughter off the street. She sends people she does not really care for much, knowing full well what Sydney and her friend Rene will do to them. And she warns Peyton- she warns all of them, people she has gathered and threatened or paid into doing as she tells them- what the price will be for disobedience.

Irina has brought Sydney and her unborn child here, now, because this is the only way to save them, to protect them. She does not let Sydney see her, or even hear her voice. She still does not have time to explain. As soon as Sydney reveals what she needs to know, Irina must leave again. It is time for one last chat with an old friend.

She knows, too, that if her daughter sees her, she will not want to go. That she will not be able to force herself to leave Sydney's side before the baby is born. And she must. There is no one else she can send, not this time. She has to do this herself.

One day, she hopes very soon, she will be able to see her daughter again. To explain what she has done. To try and make her understand that it really was a kindness.

Muse: Irina Derevko
Fandom: Alias
Words: 522


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