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When I was a child, with my sisters at my mother's feet, I was not alone. When she died I was not alone. I had no time to be alone; there was work to do, and no one else to do it.

When I was sent to America, when I married Jack, I thought that I would always be alone. I learned, slowly, that I was not.

When I carried my daughters, bore them within me for nine months, I was never alone. Carrying Sydney, and Nadia, then holding them in my arms when they came into the world, I was not alone.

When I came home, and saw those I had loved and betrayed again at last, I knew I would not be alone. I knew they did not want to love me, that they did not want to allow themselves to. And yet they did.

When I opened my arms to my eldest daughter, when I held Sydney close to me and felt her embrace, I was anything but alone.

And when at last my daughters pulled me from a darkness so deep I had thought I would never know light or free air again... When they brought me home... When I looked at Nadia's face, the face my heart had always known, I knew... I was not, would never be again, alone.

Muse: Irina Derevko
Fandom: Alias
Words: 225


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