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Title / Prompt: Eternal / June #1, sharp
Character: Irina Derevko
Warnings: Spoilers for Alias series finale
Pairina: Jack/Irina
Fandom: Alias
Word count: 356
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: JJ Abrams and Bad Robot own. If I did, things would've ended a bit differently.

The glass cracks slowly beneath her. The sphere has rolled just beyond her reach, and she stretches her hand towards it.

Behind her she can still hear Sydney's voice, calling to her. Asking her to come back.

She was fighting her daughter when she landed here, but she knows she can still turn. Take the hand Sydney offers her.

Irina has known for some time that it will end tonight. One way or another, it will end tonight.

"Mom... please..."

She needs the sphere. More than Sydney will ever- could ever- understand.

Irina doesn't have to turn back to know that Sydney is still holding out her hand, with its promise of salvation. Some small part of her wishes that she could take it.

"Mom, the glass won't hold! Please..."

She knows this, can feel the glass continuing to crack beneath her weight, but if she can get to the sphere, it won't matter.


Jack is sitting on the edge of the roof, and as Irina inches towards him- towards the sphere- he picks the object up in his hand.

Irina looks back at Sydney, not in hesitation, but to track her daughter's gaze. She nods once, almost imperceptibly, to herself. All Sydney sees is her.

"No," Jack says as she turns back to him, "she can't see me." He glances down at the sphere. "I don't think that you can reach this."

Irina shakes her head. No. I was never meant to.

"Mom, please!"

She can feel the glass beginning to crack open beneath her, can feel slivers of it digging into her flesh. "I'm sorry, Sydney," she whispers, and reaches-

Not for the sphere, still resting on the glass, but for the hand Jack holds out to her. Her fingers close over his, and his skin is soft and warm. She feels the glass give way, feels herself begin to fall.

"Let go," he says as they're falling. There is an instant of blinding pain, before she feels him pull her away.

Somewhere in the distance, she hears the soft tinkle of falling glass, as the sphere shatters.

Then there is only light.


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