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Title / Prompt: First Command / July #5 - First
Character: Irina Derevko
Warnings: KGB!Irina on the job. Was a little creepy to write...
Fandom: Alias
Word count: 1,371
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Alias & Irina belong to J.J. Abrams & Bad Robot, as usual. *sigh*

She can still close her eyes and remember everything. That first night, in Russia. The night of her first command. She stood before the tiny mirror in her new cubbyhole office, straightening her uniform coat. There were nights for moving with subtlety, but this was not one of them. What they did tonight, they would not do in secret. Irina's superiors had decided that this time, when they stretched forth their hand, it would be in such a way that many would see it.

"You will make an example of this one," said one of the masters who had taught her, and Irina nodded. Her superiors did not explain their orders, and if she had dared to ask why it would be done this way, he would not have told her.

Already she had begun to understand that there were times more knowledge was gained from silence than from any word she might have spoken.

The arrest was not entirely without incident- their target, a clerk who had been reported by a coworker for seditious comments, had panicked when Irina's team knocked on the door. She could have simply had that door broken in, and with a more dangerous target, she would have done so. But this man, young and unmarried, still lived in a small apartment with his parents, two sisters, the sisters' husbands, and a handful of children.

Irina knew that despite her lineage and her aptitudes, the KGB had chosen her for only one reason. Her superiors searched, even now, for a lonely, gullible American man, an agent of the CIA managing or closely involved with one of the Americans' advanced projects. Such a man would not be all that hard to find- as in the KGB, many of the CIA's agents were men. When her superiors found the right man, there would be no more nighttime arrests or raids for Irina Derevko, no more examples made of traitors or fools who did not have enough sense to know when to stay quiet.

The matchmakers searched for her American, and when they found him, all of this would be over for her.

Until then, her duty was here, and she would do it as well as she knew how.

She spoke politely but firmly to the target as he lunged for some hope of a weapon, and her agents stopped him.

When they brought him to her, he wept. Pleading for mercy for his family, he insisted they had nothing to do with his crimes. Irina wasn't sure she believed him. A man who would say the things he'd said to a coworker would likely not have held his silence amongst his family.

His family, who had not informed on him...

They huddled in the room's far corner, all of them save one of the children avoiding her eyes. That child, a girl of perhaps six, watched the KGB team with fascination.

Irina smiled and beckoned to the child. "Would you come and talk to me a moment, dooshyenka?" The girl hesitated, then approached.

The target, Ivan, started to protest, but the other agents held him back.

Irina squatted down so that she was at the girl's eye level. "Hello. What is your name?"

"I'm Katya," the girl said, and Irina felt herself smile again.

Irina nodded seriously. "That is my sister's name, too. Though once when we were children, she played a game, and wanted all of our family to call her Tsarina Ekaterina." Irina sighed and shook her head. "Mama had to explain to her why that was not a good game for little girls to be playing. But adults don't often play games, do they?"

"No," said the girl.

"So when they do things that might get them in trouble, people like me, whose job it is to find out who might be doing bad things to hurt the Motherland- sometimes it's hard for us to tell if that person is playing a game or not. Does your Uncle Ivan play a lot of games?"

Katya shook her head. "No. I ask him to, sometimes, but he says he's too tired from working. Then he goes off and talks about work a bunch with my aunts and uncles and everyone, and I have to watch the kids, 'cause I'm oldest."

"You're a good girl to watch after the others," Irina said. "Do you know what your uncle says about his work?"

"Not really," the girl answered. "But everyone was really excited last week because he got another job, too."

"He did?" Irina asked, letting a bit of surprise slip into her voice. The files she'd been given on the target had only made mention of one job, the clerk's position at a factory.

"Uh-huh. I heard Uncle Ivan telling my father he was going to work for the Americans now, too." Katya frowned. "But the Americans are bad, aren't they?"

"Yes," Irina told her, "the Americans are bad."

Katya's family, particularly the adults, had listened to this exchange with growing horror. Now their expressions were tinged with guilt as well.

"Katya!" one of the other children called out, "Uncle Ivan said that was a secret!"

Katya shook her head. "Not supposed to keep secrets from the pretty KGB lady, Vasilly."

Irina smiled. "Thank you very much, Katya. You've been very helpful." She ruffled the girl's hair, then turned to her agents. "Take them all."

"No!" one of the men cried, "please-!"

Irina felt her expression grow cold, all trace of the smiles she'd shared with the little girl gone, now. "You are a fool," she said. "You shared in Ivan's treason. What more did you expect?"

Katya tugged on the sleeve of Irina's jacket. "Is Uncle Ivan going away?"

"Yes," Irina told her. "Ivan is going away, and so are your aunts and uncles, and your parents."

"Katya!" one of the women, almost certainly the girl's mother, said as the agents began dragging the adults away. "Katya, don't- no!"

"I tried to tell them, at school, about Uncle Ivan working for the Americans," Katya said. "They wouldn't believe me."

"They should have," Irina told her seriously. "At your new school, they will listen to you."

"New school?" the girl asked.

"Yes. You and the other children will be going to a new school, a boarding school run by the state. I went there when I was a girl."

Katya nodded, but she turned to watch the adults of her family being led out the door. "How far away is it? Will I miss my mama?"

"Not far," Irina said. "And you will see your mother again, someday- but now she and your father must go away for a while."

"And Uncle Ivan?"

Irina sighed. "Uncle Ivan has to go very far away, Katya."

"Colonel?" Irina turned to acknowledge her second's voice. "There is an elderly couple hiding in the back bedroom."

"Grandma!" the girl exclaimed.

Irina nodded. "Katya, would you go and tell your grandparents it's alright to come out now, please?"

"Will they go away, too?"

"Did they know about your uncle's new job with the Americans?"

Katya frowned. "I don't think so."

Irina nodded. "Good. Go on."

Her second watched the girl dash off to the bedroom, shaking his head. "Colonel Derevko-"

"Would you rather I have ordered all of them, including the children, dragged off at once? There are seven of them, comrade, and if they panicked, I know what you and your men would do to stop them." She shrugged. "It would be a waste. They can redeem themselves of the stain of this, in time."

He nodded. "I understand that. But- the state school that you- that we-"

"Are you questioning me, Andrei Mikhailavich?"

"No, Colonel. Of course not."

"Good. Make certain Ivanov has the target and his comrades in hand, then return here. you are going to make a new friend."

"Yes, Colonel."

"And, Andrei Mikhailavich?"

"Yes, Colonel?"

"I believe they are scared enough."

Katya returned from the bedroom, leading her grandparents. The girl was babbling excitedly about her new school. Above her, the elderly couple wore expressions of dull horror. The old woman managed a smile for Katya, and touched her cheek. "That is well, dooshyenka."

Irina smiled.
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