Dec. 9th, 2005


Dec. 9th, 2005 10:58 am
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Dear Irina,

You are so young now that much of what I will say to you will seem no more than a dream. I understand that. You may not believe a word of this, and I understand that as well. You may choose to ignore my advice, to do nothing differently. Perhaps, instead, you will correct some of my mistakes. We shall see.

You are the eldest, and you have always been told that this makes you responsible for your sisters. You understand this to mean that if any harm comes to them, you will be blamed for it. You're right, but do not carry this too far. Do not assume you are always responsible for what they do. They will grow up, and the choices they make are theirs alone.

What affection your mother feels for you, she will never show in a way you will understand. She is harsh, perhaps too harsh, but you will learn strength from her. You will learn who you are, and you will always remember the things she taught you.

Your father will be most noticeable in his absence. In time you will earn his respect. Accept that it is the most he will ever give you.

You will grow up to become what you want most to be, and it will change your world. You want a chance to prove yourself, and you will get it.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much will change, from that moment.

Trust in yourself, and in your own judgment, even above that of your superiors. They will never know everything, and it is best that way. They need you. Do not let them forget it.

The year she turns eleven, you will want very badly to hit Elena. Do it. Perhaps it will help, though I doubt it.

Many years from now, you will find a work by a man named Milo Rambaldi; Il Diluvia. Do not read it. Examine it only enough to identify it, and then destroy it. This will have consequences; reading it will have even greater ones.

Muse: Irina Derevko
Fandom: Alias
Words: 348


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