Dec. 27th, 2006

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For [ profile] badlieutenant and [ profile] heir2slytherin: a gift certificate to one of their *ahem* favorite specialty shops.

For Annika: laser tag set.

For [ profile] spydad: sniper rifle, box of C4.

For [ profile] spydad's cat, Laura: catnip, kitty treats, large box of cat toys to replace the ones that have vanished to wherever cat toys go.

For [ profile] thelostdaughter: two handguns, pair of daggers, tickets to Moscow ballet.

For Sydney: monogrammed briefcase containing large collection of CIA files, previously 'missing and presumed lost', circa 1980's.

For Isabelle: Baby's First Spyglass; Project Christmas puzzle.

For Katya: Box of chocolates, nail file.

For Eric Weiss: handgun to match the one she gave Nadia.

For [ profile] shaman_x: small replica of the Rambaldi artifact he stole acquired a few years back.

For [ profile] argentumlingua: antique silver letter opener.

For [ profile] rogersmith_bigo & [ profile] diamond_whore: a pair of diamond earrings for Satine, and matching cufflinks for Roger.

For [ profile] r_dorothy_w: a collection of rare piano music sheets.

For [ profile] constant_vigil & [ profile] pennyclear: large collection of first edition books.

For [ profile] crazyunclearvin: stocking full of coal.

Marshall, Dixon, Rachel, Tom, & the rest of the gang at APO: candy canes.

Marshall, & Dixon's kids: one each, Playstation 3


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